The Weather Network releases its 2017 Summer Forecast

Oakville, Ontario, May 24, 2017 – A delayed spring with chilly temperatures across most of the country has Canadians crossing their fingers for a warmer summer. The time has come for The Weather Network to release its Summer Forecast for the months of June, July and August, predicting conditions for the most anticipated season of the year. After months of waiting, will Canadians be rewarded with a beautiful summer?

“Unlike last year, it looks like Mother Nature will defy being defined this summer,” said Chris Scott, Chief Meteorologist at The Weather Network. “With varying weather conditions across Canada, we can’t paint the entire country with the same brush. Instead, each region will experience its own unique and changeable weather pattern throughout the season.”

From coast to coast to coast, The Weather Network’s forecast shows that no two regions are the same, giving Canadians a forecast as varied as the country’s landscape.

British Columbia

This summer, B.C. will experience a season comparable to last year. This region can anticipate warmer than normal temperatures, but the summer won’t be excessively hot.  After a wet spring, near normal precipitation during a time of year that is typically drier will allow the region to start to dry out.  As a result, we will have to keep an eye on the wild fire threat as the season progresses.

The Prairies

Much like last summer, the Prairies will see alternating periods of below and above seasonal temperatures. The warm weather in B.C. could spread into Alberta, while the eastern Prairies will experience near to slightly below seasonal temperatures. While localized pockets of dry weather may still occur, the potential for widespread or prolonged drought appears to be minimal.

Ontario & Quebec

This year won’t be as hot and dry as last summer. Much like the spring, this region will be kept on its toes with periods alternating between above normal and near to below normal temperatures. In addition, an active and occasionally stormy pattern should bring near to above normal rainfall to the region.

Atlantic Canada

Warm water to the south and cold water to the east should contribute to a rollercoaster of temperatures during the season.  The balance is expected to tip towards warmer than normal for the southern Maritimes, while coastal Labrador and northern Newfoundland are expected to be cooler than normal.

Northern Canada

Yukon Territory can look forward to a warmer than normal summer while much of the Northwest Territories will see near normal temperatures.  Below normal temperatures are expected for southern Nunavut while above normal temperatures are forecast for most of Baffin Island.

Summer’s typical heat and humidity in many parts of Canada will bring the threat for severe thunderstorms, including the risk of tornadoes. This is the time of year when Canadians need to pay extra close attention to the daily forecast as dangerous weather can develop rapidly. Canadians can be prepared for changeable weather patterns by visiting or by downloading The Weather Network App and creating an account for personalized and up to the minute forecast information.

 The Weather Network: Summer 2017 Forecast 
Region Temperature Outlook Precipitation Outlook
British Columbia Above normal Near normal except for above normal for southern Rockies
Alberta Near normal Near normal except above normal for southern Rockies
Saskatchewan Below normal near Manitoba border and near normal for the rest of the province Near normal
Manitoba Below normal Near normal
Ontario Near normal for southern and eastern Ontario; Below normal for Northwestern Ontario Near to above normal
Québec Near normal; Near to above normal for Eastern Townships to Montreal Near normal except for above normal near the St. Lawrence
The Maritimes and Newfoundland Above normal for the southern

Maritimes, near normal for central

& northern Maritimes and most of

Newfoundland; below normal for

Labrador & northern NFLD

Near normal
Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut Above normal for Yukon, normal for Northwest Territories, below normal for southern Nunavut and above normal for Baffin Island Near normal except above normal for western Yukon

Complete Summer Forecast details, including regional breakdowns, maps and charts are available at

Interview opportunities: The Weather Network meteorologists are available for interviews from May 24 to 26, 2017 to provide regional forecasts and additional information about this year’s Summer Forecast.

To arrange an interview with a meteorologist, please contact:
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