The Weather Network’s 2020 Spring Forecast examines conditions across Canada

Oakville, Ontario, February 26, 2020 – Most Canadians experienced a mild winter that lacked consistent cold weather. Does that mean we can look forward to an early spring? According to The Weather Network’s Spring Forecast for the months of March, April and May, most Canadians will have to be patient as we wait for the arrival of consistent warm weather.

“Spring will tease us at times with periods of warm weather, but the warmth will lack consistency across most of Canada,” said Chris Scott, Chief Meteorologist with The Weather Network. “This spring will bring a heightened risk for several weeks of colder than normal weather, even for regions that will see average temperatures for the season overall. In addition, large parts of the country will have a wet spring.”

Below is a more detailed look at the conditions expected across the country this spring:

Ontario & Quebec – A changeable and wet spring is expected. Temperatures will be near seasonal across southern areas, and warmer than the previous two springs. However, an interruption to the pattern is expected with several weeks of colder than normal weather before consistent warmth arrives. Northern areas will to be colder than normal. An active storm track will continue to bring above normal precipitation to the region. This will bring a heightened risk of spring flooding to areas that have a deep snowpack and along the shores of the Great Lakes.

British Columbia – Spring will get off to a slower start than many recent years, which will result in excellent spring skiing and help to make up for the slow start to the ski season. However, spring will finish strong across the region with temperatures tipping to the warm side of normal. Near normal rain and alpine snow are expected.

The Prairies – While winter lacked consistent cold, this spring will struggle to produce consistent warmth. Several weeks of colder than normal weather is expected as winter takes some parting shots before we settle into a warmer pattern. Near normal precipitation is expected for much of the region, but a wetter pattern is expected near the U.S. border of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Atlantic Canada Spring will feature typical back and forth swings in temperature which should come close to offsetting each other. An active storm track will bring near to above normal precipitation to the region, including a few more high impact winter-like storms. However, the snow pack is currently less than it has been during recent years, so the threat for spring flooding is not as high.

Northern CanadaAn unusually strong polar vortex will keep colder than normal temperatures across parts of the region well into spring, but above normal temperatures are expected to prevail across the Yukon.

 The Weather Network: Spring 2020 Forecast
Temperature Outlook
Precipitation Outlook
British Columbia
Above normal

Near normal

Above normal west and south; Near normal east Near normal
Near normal Near normal; Above normal near U.S. border
Near normal; Below normal north

Near normal; Above normal near U.S. border

Near normal south; Below normal north Above normal; Near normal far north
Near normal south and east; Below normal north and west Above normal south; Near normal elsewhere
The Maritimes and Newfoundland
Near normal Above normal for much of the Maritimes; Near normal for Newfoundland
Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut
Above normal Yukon and western NWT; Below normal western and central Nunavut; Near normal elsewhere Above normal western Yukon; Near normal elsewhere

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