BIG DATA: An interview with Pelmorex’s data expert

Thanks to decades of dominance and expansion in weather media, first in Canada, then in Europe and the U.S., Pelmorex Corp. is poised to leap into the realm of Big Data.

With some 46 million users, globally, and more than a billion location records every month, the sheer volume of usage and behaviour data that passes through Pelmorex’s fingers is massive.

“It is a company where the data is very fertile, and as the Big Data revolution grows, we are only natural to capitalize on that moving forward,” Bala Gopalakrishnan, VP Innovation, Analytics and Technology Architecture, said in an interview featured at Big Data Paris 2017.

Pelmorex has already used, and continues to use, its user data to continually improve the way it reaches users — both with information tailored to their unique demands, and advertising targeted to their unique needs.

Gopalakrishnan takes the lead on ensuring that all the platforms used to serve weather consumers — from TV channels and multiple websites, to mobile apps on iOS and Android, iPads, tablets, smart TV and others — are supported with the right technology, as well as efforts to keep pushing back the boundaries of that technology to keep ahead.

And through all of this, Gopalakrishnan and his team think about how to effectively mine all this data to put it to good use.

“Our product is free to end-users, everything is monetized through advertising,” he says. “We consequently want to use data in two ways – to derive useful consumer insights, so they find the content really engaging, and to target them with the right advertising. Both perspectives rely on analytics.”