The Weather Network’s 2019-2020 Winter Forecast


Oakville, Ontario, November 18, 2019 – Snow and cold have arrived early across much of Canada. Is this a preview of what is to come this winter? According to the Weather Network’s Winter Forecast, this fall has provided us with hints of what winter has in store.

“This fall has featured several rounds of historic winter-like weather from the Rockies to the St. Lawrence Valley,” said Chris Scott, Chief Meteorologist at The Weather Network. “While cold weather hasn’t locked in yet, all indications point toward a harsh winter ahead for much of the country with periods of severe cold and significant winter storms.”

Much of Canada is in for a long, cold and snowy winter. Near normal or colder than normal temperatures are expected for most of the country, along with near normal to above normal snowfall. The only regions where temperatures are expected to tip to the mild side of normal are near the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines. Here’s a more detailed look at the conditions expected across the country this winter:

British Columbia

Near seasonal temperatures and snowfall are expected for the interior, but temperatures should be above normal near the coastline and across the north. Rainfall totals are expected to be slightly below normal for the south coast, but near normal snowfall is expected for the ski areas.


A long and frigid winter is expected, with the coldest weather across Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Alberta will see periods of mild weather which could come close to offsetting the bouts of severe cold. Near normal snowfall is expected across most of the region.

Ontario and Quebec

A cold winter is expected, especially across northern Ontario. An active storm track will likely bring above normal snow totals to much of the region, along with a risk for ice at times, especially across the south. A delayed start to spring is also anticipated.

Atlantic Canada

An inconsistent start to winter is expected, but this region will still see an abundance of winter weather with near to above normal snowfall totals. Southern and eastern coastal areas of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland will see periods of milder weather at times with a higher potential for rain and ice. A delayed start to spring is expected for the entire region.

Northern Canada

A typical winter is expected across the region with near normal temperatures and snowfall. However, periods of milder weather at times across western areas should tip this region to the mild side of normal.

Keep in mind that winter brings rapidly changing weather and dangerous travel conditions throughout Canada. Canadians should pay close attention to the daily forecast and be prepared for changeable weather by visiting or by downloading The Weather Network App and creating an account for personalized and up-to-the minute forecasts.

 The Weather Network: Winter 2019-20 Forecast 


Temperature Outlook

Precipitation Outlook

British Columbia
Above normal west and north; Near normal southern interior and east

Above normal north coast and southwest; Below normal south coast; Near normal elsewhere

Near normal west; Below normal east Above normal southwest and far south; Near normal elsewhere
Below normal Near normal
Below normal Near normal
Below Normal Near normal northwest; Above normal elsewhere
Below normal; Near normal north and east Above normal south; Near normal central and north
The Maritimes and Newfoundland
Near normal; Above normal southern and eastern Nova Scotia and Newfoundland Above normal Maritimes; Near normal Newfoundland
Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut
Above normal Yukon and western NWT; Near normal elsewhere Above normal southwest Yukon; Near normal elsewhere

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