The Weather Network’s Fall 2019 Forecast & Winter Preview

Oakville, Ontario, Sept 16, 2019 – Ready or not, fall weather is here! After a short summer, autumnal weather has arrived early across most of Canada, and many Canadians are wondering if this means that winter is just around the corner.

To help answer this question, The Weather Network has released their fall forecast, along with their highly anticipated preliminary forecast for winter.

“While fall has burst onto the scene long before most Canadians were ready, we are not in a free-fall to winter” said Chris Scott, Chief Meteorologist at The Weather Network. “This fall will still include extended stretches of pleasant weather to go along with the inevitable periods of unsettled weather. However, Canadians should be sure to get outside and savour the mild weather while it lasts, because a cold winter is looming for much of the country.”

Most Canadians can expect near normal temperatures during the fall, but from the central Prairies to Atlantic Canada, a cold Canadian winter is expected. Meanwhile, parts of Western Canada can expect temperatures to tip to the mild side of normal during both fall and winter.

Here’s a more detailed look at the conditions expected across Canada this fall and winter:

British Columbia

Slightly warmer than normal temperatures for fall. While fall will include stretches of dry weather, periods of wet weather will overdeliver with above normal rainfall expected for coastal areas. Milder than normal temperatures are expected for the winter.

The Prairies

Near normal temperatures for fall with extended periods of both mild weather and cold weather that offset each other. A milder than normal winter is expected for westernmost parts of the region, but temperatures are likely to trend colder to the east.

Ontario & Quebec

Near normal temperatures are expected for the fall with extended periods of both mild weather and cold weather that offset each other. A colder than normal winter is expected for most of the region, though a delayed start to consistent winter weather is likely, similar to last year.

Atlantic Canada

Above normal temperatures are expected for southern areas with near normal temperatures elsewhere. While the fall will include periods of dry weather, rainfall totals will tip to the wet side of normal for parts of the region due to occasional storms that tap into tropical moisture. Near normal temperatures are expected across the region this winter.

Northern Canada

Milder than normal temperatures are expected across western regions with near normal temperatures elsewhere.  Most areas will see near normal precipitation totals, but above normal precipitation is anticipated for western parts of the Yukon. A similar pattern is expected this winter.

Keep in mind that mid and late fall can bring dangerous winter weather conditions to parts of Canada. As we move deeper into the season, Canadians should pay close attention to the daily forecast as winter weather conditions can develop and change rapidly. Canadians can be prepared for changeable weather by visiting or by downloading The Weather Network App and creating an account for personalized and up-to-the minute forecasts.

 The Weather Network: Fall 2019 Forecast
Temperature Outlook
Precipitation Outlook
British Columbia
Above normal

Above normal along the coast; Near normal elsewhere

Above normal; Near normal northeast Near normal
Near normal; Above normal southwest Near normal
Near normal; Below normal northeast

Near normal; Above normal southeast

Near Normal; Below normal far north Near normal south; Above normal parts of the north
Near normal south; Below normal northwest Near normal south and north; Above normal central
The Maritimes and Newfoundland
Above normal south; Near normal north Near/above normal
Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut
Above normal Yukon and western NWT; Near normal Nunavut Above normal western Yukon; Near normal elsewhere

Complete Fall Forecast details, including regional breakdowns, maps and charts are available at