Pelmorex Values

Our values shape our culture. They define the character of our company & guide how we all behave & make decisions every day.

Start from & assume
positive intent

Communicate authentically,
truthfully & with transparency

Demonstrate courage to
stand up for what’s right

Show & share contagious
passion & fun

Treat people the way
THEY want to be treated

Model & live our values and
culture regardless of title

Pursue alignment of a
clear purpose & direction

Involve the right people &
encourage everyone to have a say

Share information &
experiences with transparency

Challenge the status quo &
experiment to see what could happen

Champion new initiatives &
influence others to accept change

Instill confidence in times
of uncertainty

Spend time on the important & strategically
meaningful rather than the trivial

Look beyond the obvious &
don’t stop at the first answers

Identify & overcome obstacles

Hold yourself & others accountable
for achieving results

Work towards objectives with urgency
& focus on speed to market

Be pro-active to drive projects to closure

Recognize, understand & value the
diverse objectives & needs of others

Be direct & persuasive without
damaging relationships

Find common ground & solve
problems for the good of all

Produce best-in-class work

“Kill it” with high energy
every day, all day

Participate in & encourage
continuous learning

Over-deliver on every promise to internal
& external customers. Deliver WOW

Engage customers when developing
or improving our products & services

Anticipate customers’ future needs