INNOVATION – Re-imagining the future, one prototype at a time

Digital is ever-growing — and ever-changing. Technology can go from cutting-edge to obsolete within a year, and the industry can be disrupted at any time.

Our in-house Pelmorex Innovation Centre helps us stay on our toes. It’s a unique collaboration space designed to foster entrepreneurship and innovation, with an eye to future opportunities. Driven by a nimble, flexible team made up of talent from various backgrounds, we take an approach to innovation that is rapid-cycle, iterative and collaborative.

The result is a philosophy that feels more like a startup than a big brand. Tapping into fresh talent and ideas, our team creates unlikely connections, speeds prototyping and significantly reduces the cost and risk of trying new things.

It’s already helped us stay on top of new developments in technology. The Weather Network was one of the first to launch interactive TV over satellite and over cable through Videoway technology in 1991. Since then, we’ve kept building our multi-platform capabilities, getting into the OTT, TV app, and live streaming game early, and continuing to tailor the weather experience to each consumer’s individual needs.

All this while refining advertising techniques across all our platforms, always with the seamless user experience in mind.

We know innovation isn’t optional. It’s how we’ve kept ahead. It’s how we’ll stay ahead.

“The next wave of growth and competitiveness will come from continuous innovation, and we are proud our team is working closely to drive value by harnessing the power of digital technologies like never before.” — Naomi Lipowski, Director, Pelmorex Innovation Centre.